Role of Market Research – Is Less Really More

role of market research

In its true essence, marketing is all about making conscious yet right decisions. Market research gives the essential decision-making power, which makes it so important for any organization belonging to any marketplace. The basic motif of business analysis is reducing the clutter and state of confusion facing the business owners, looking to make things work for their business. This objective search helps entrepreneurs to tackle any and many problems in their respective industry. However, ideal way of cutting through the clutter is highly important.

Cutting through the Information Clutter

cutting through information clutter

If you handover the research job to a less qualified or knowledgeable market research firm, there are higher chances of you being stuck with even more clutter of information. Hence, knowing the exact direction of research is such a highlighted point of many discussions related to collecting industry data. There is a difference of opinion of some sorts, when it comes to limiting the influx of information related to a business. While some solicit the need for collecting data from all the possible sources and then finding your way out, experts believe in limiting the data collection to short yet crucial material.

Why Less is More?

why less is more

Knowing where to stop is highly beneficial in general path of life, which is significantly relevant in marketing research as well. According to the co-founder of successful organizations like Twitter and Blogger, Evan Williams, gathering more information only adds to the chaotic situation that the your organization is already dealing. It surely gives you the answers, but one cannot guarantee that it is the best possible answer to your problem. When you have less yet valuable data, you can easily; you can easily concentrate on the basic point of the study project.

As the experts say, more than understanding what is important the key is to understand what is not. This not only saves the time, efforts and resources spent by the respective organizations but also saves the state of confusion it causes when all the data is gathered. Finding potentially significant information and data points is so easy for the expert researchers. However, avoiding the lure and sticking to the basic aim of market research report is the key. The best fruit this practice reaps is in the form of reduced labor. It will also save the additional time required for categorizing and analyzing the data.

Once you master the art of selecting only the core content or market data from the clutter of ‘useful’ information, things start running smoothly.

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