Stiff Competition Creates Opportunities in Service Delivery Platform Market

Service delivery platform or SDP is a crucial component in telecommunications. SDP is a set of numerous things that provide protocols, service creation and session control. These components have been in the telecommunication industry for over eight years. However, it has started gaining popularity in various parts of the world creating a great demand for these components across the globe. Close watch at the service delivery platform market provides clear picture about the components, competition and opportunities in this market. The SDP market reports are highly positive in terms of growth, profit and future market trends as far as next few years are concerned.

Service Delivery Platform Market Trends and Threats

Service delivery platform requires integration of various IT and telecommunication services that combine various out of reach technologies. Stiff competition is the major drive that creates both threats and opportunities for the businesses in this market. Telecommunication industry is struggling with competition and lack of innovation in the current business scenario. Businesses need to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas and strategies to lure the customers and deceive the competitors.

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It is a pleasant fact that the SDP market is gaining attention and popularity as being a middle ground platform that connects telecommunication network operates and all its components. The SD platform connects the telecom service providers, operators, users and all the content providers. As a result, this proves to be a helpful technology for the IT and telecom industry. This market is divided based on the software and services that are provided. Service segment of this market is further classified into integration and consulting.

The SDP market has various sub segments that require detailed analysis, in order to understand the market trends and opportunities that they offer. Forecasting reports for service delivery platform market suggest the major shift towards service orchestration components. The internet protocol multimedia system and IMS service convergence are the influential factors in the market. Lack of clarity in the translation is a major issue that needs to be addressed on immediate basis.

Along with lack of clarity, the market also lacks a standard SDP reference model for the businesses. This defect creates a sense of uncertainty and fear of vendor lock-in amongst the telecommunication operators. Despite these drawbacks, the market is witnessing steady growth. Business forecasts suggest that these reports are likely to stay the same in near future, which is great news for the businesses in the SDP market.

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