Why Smart Glass Market Will Start Soaring After 2014

Smart glass is an emerging and revolutionary technology on global platform. This glass is electrically switchable, which change its appearance with changing light transmissions and voltage fluctuations. These glasses are popularly applied to windows and skylights. However, latest technological advancements in this technology have widened their applications in a variety of industries. This is also the biggest reason behind the increased revenue and opportunities in the global smart glass market. the market is set to witness a huge growth in the coming years, which creates great opportunities for the businesses from all over the world.

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Smart Glass Technology Market Demands and Applications

Various types of smart glass have different applications and features. Some types of this glass allow the users to control the amount light and heat transmission. When this technology is activated, the glass turns to translucent from their usual transparent form. These glasses look like the regular glasses when they are not activated with this technology. Apart from residential and decorative purposes, smart glass has numerous applications in various other industries. as far as architectural applications are concerned, they are mainly related to commercial and residential buildings, interior decoration and beautification of the buildings.

Apart from architecture, major usage of this glass is in the transportation industry. Smart glass market has great prospects in various transportation industries, including automotive, marine, rail and aviation. All these industries are embarking on smarter transportation technologies and using advanced technologies to accompany their revolutionary technologies. Smart glass plays a key role in beautification of their vehicles and making them attractive for the customers from across the globe. According to the research reports, this market has a great future in the automotive market. Invention of latest smart cars and luxury vehicles has increased the demand of this technology in the transportation sector.

This increased demand will be on the rise from 2014. The market is estimated to grow at the CAGR of over 20%. This is an intriguing fact for the existing businesses in the smart glass market. The types of applications and technologies segment this market. Suspended particle displays (SPD), electrochromic (EC), liquid crystals (LC) and photochromic are the most popular smart glass technologies. As mentioned before applications of smart glass in architectural and transportation industries. Various technologies are used for the production of smart windows, automotive sunroofs, skylights, glass doors, room partitions, and so on.

The SPD technology will witness great rise in demand in the years to come. Currently, the LC is highly popular, which will give way to other emerging technologies.

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