Software Defined Networking Market to Grow at Exceptional Rate – What it means

Computer networking is evolving at a rapid pace daily. This tremendous growth in terms of technology and applications of computer networking is creating better opportunities in the field. Amongst various evolving technologies, software defined networking technology stands out as a powerful approach to social media. Telecommunication providers from across the world have been on the quest for a system to increase the network efficiency and reduce operational costs at the same time. In such conditions, software defined networking systems or SDN come across as an easy, simple and smart solution. It is the strongest driver for the software defined networking market spread across the globe. The market is expected to maintain an exceptional rate of growth within next four to five years, which is a great sign for the global industry.

Software Defined Networking Industry Synopsis

software defined data center sddc market

Global SDN market is a very large and volatile marketplace. Software defined networks is a type of computer networking infrastructure wherein the control plane is decoupled from its physical topography. This technology has numerous advantages, which influences the range of applications for the SDN technology. Increasing requirement for enterprise mobility is cited to be the biggest segment of the industry, which is creating numerous job opportunities in the personal devices sector. Increasing use of smartphones and other smart gadgets along with the growing industry for bring your own device at the workplace are also contributing to the growing SDN industry.


All these factors are evident in terms of segmentation and market trends for software defined networking industry. The market is largely segmented on the basis of the types of SDN solutions, end users and deployment across different geographical regions. Based on end users, the market is divided into three basic types, namely, enterprise data centers, telecommunication providers and cloud providers. Based on the types of solutions, the software defined networking market is segmented into controllers, switching, cloud virtualization applications and network virtualization security solutions. All these segments need detailed analysis in order to draw accurate forecasting results.


Gradual evolution is the highlight for the SDN industry. It is also evident in the kind of market trends, restraints, growth in demand and revenue channels in the market. The major forces that are driving the global industry include requirement to develop logically centralized control plane, which can assist in logical network mapping and services implemented to it. The software defined networking technology also brings in numerous other capabilities including virtualization and slicing. Based on the current market trends, researchers have estimated the future business prospects for the industry from 2012 to 2017. Based on the market research reports, the SDN market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 60% within the next four years.

This is a very good sign for the market, which is expected to become worth $2.10 billion in 2017. In 2012, the industry was set on $198 million in 2012. Over the next few years, software defined networking industry is expected to be the largest pervasive sector across all the telecom and enterprise networks.

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