Steady Growth in Biocides Market Thanks to Demand for Clear Water

Biocides are a type of microorganisms with the ability to exert harmful organisms. They deter these organisms though chemical and biological means. With the strong characteristic to evade the effects of harmful substances, biocides are popularly used across different industrial verticals. Increasing applications are driving the global biocides market, which is aiming at steady growth in the next few years to come. Biocides are a type of chemical substance, which puts significant rules and regulations regarding their manufacturing, usage, distribution, and quality standards. Recent changes in the governmental norms have had significant influence on the global market.

Applications and Drivers for Biocides

Biocides have diverse range of applications, ranging from medical, industrial, agricultural, and forestry related uses. Various industrial applications of these products mainly include personal care, paints and coatings, food and beverages, wood preservation, and water treatment. Water treatment is the strongest segment of the industry, which is giving huge boost to the global biocides market. Global warming, rising population, increased degree of polluted water and changing habits of mankind are some of the strong drivers for this rising demand for biocides for water treatment.


Biocides are divided into halogen compounds, organosulfers, phenolics, metallic compounds, and organic acids. Apart from the types of products, the biocides market is further segmented on geographic basis. The geographic segments of the market include Europe, North America, Asia and rest of the world. Apart from the mentioned above, other applications of biocides range from bacterial remedies in different industrial processes, waste management, furniture, cosmetics, drinking water, and coating industry according to the market research reports, biocides market in the United States of America recorded strongest growth, which was followed by the Asia Pacific region.

Growth Prospects

Emerging markets from Asia Pacific, especially, India, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and such other countries are expected to fuel growth and demand from the Asia Pacific region for the next few years. North America is expected to dominate the global biocides market on the basis of market shares and revenue channels. Global economic slowdown was the strongest hindrance for the industry within developed markets of Europe, North America and rest of the world. However, demand from Asia Pacific region proved to be balancing the market scenario in the overall global market. The global market for biocides is largely fragments with major industry players headquartered in the developed regions.

According to the market research reports, biocides market is poised to make steady growth during the next few years. Rising demand from water treatment applications and changing technology is broadening the horizons of applications for the industry.

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