Market Trends in Infection Control Market & Health care Facilities

Several bacteria, viruses and parasites cause infections and infectious diseases. The scientists identify most of these infection triggers. However, infectious diseases are one of the major causes behind overall deaths across the globe for the past several decades. This shows the need for powerful infection control methods for long-term relief, protection and prevention from various types of infections. Infection control is a vast discipline, which deals with various nosocomial infections. These infections are associated with healthcare related signs and symptoms. The infection control market is the field of products and services that provide various sterilization and disinfection products or medicines.

Scope of Infection Control Market and Future Trends

Sterilization and disinfection are the basic services that are offered for infection control. Disinfectors, disinfectants, endoscope reprocessing, disinfectant wipes and medical non-woven products, are the major categories of  Infection Control Market. All these markets are further divided into various segments and sub-segments. This segmentation is made based on their application, effectiveness and requirement. Products are divided on the basic of the target surface such as hands, face, hair and skin and the instruments and surface. Disinfectants are divided into high-level, low-level and intermediate-level disinfectants. Facemasks, drapes, gowns and wraps come under the medical non-woven segment.

The rise in chronic diseases, increases lifespan and the number of senior citizen and increased number of surgeries are the major drivers of infection control market. Pharmaceutical sterilization, which is done using gamma irradiation and filtration techniques, makes the drugs safe for the patients. Sterilization is extremely crucial in medical packaging as it negates the possibility of many nosocomical infections that pose major threat to the lives of the affected patients. Global sterilization market has great prospects with quality production requirements. This market includes services such as healthcare solutions, applied sterilization services and hospital sterilization services. There is a great rise in requirements and demands for sterilization products.

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Future market trends in infection control market show the increased growth and demands for gamma, and e-beam sterilization services. These services are likely to take over the EtO sterilization process. This is the resultant of wide application area of both gamma and e-beam sterilization. Both these methods are useful for the sterilization of cosmetics, food, medical devices, pharmaceutical devices and life science devices. Along with disinfection and sterilization, sanitation and cleaning are some other major services in the infection control market. According to the studies, hand sanitization market is fast growing with good prospects for growth.

All these factors make the infection control market, a flourishing market with expectations of growth and profit in the near future.

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