Super Junction MOSFET: The Next Power House Of Semiconductor Industry

In recent years, factors like environment compatibility, energy efficiency, flexibility and cost reduction have arose as critical global issues across the semiconductor industry. Over the years, the electronics industry has been launching various power semiconductor solutions, such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), GaN MOSFET’s and power MOSFET’s like SJ- MOSFETs (metal oxide field effect transistor). SJ-MOSFETs find their place in switching applications including power supplies; uninterrupted power supplies (UPS); wind turbines; PV inverters; rail tractions; electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles; displays; and other industrial applications.

In 2012, the power semiconductor products market was in catastrophe due to which the IGBT and FET’s market fell by 25% to 30% in revenue generation. In the meantime, SJ-MOSFET grew at 9.1%, a trend which is expected to continue until 2020, when it tops the $2.2 billion limit. In 2011, the shortage situation of 2012 helped the SJ-MOSFET market to grow as production capacity was too small to handle the high demand of power devices. For manufacturers, this huge demand acted as a buffer. Besides, SJ-MOSFET being very eye-catching markets there is considerable growth in the numbers of players that have entered in the market. In last decade many new players has entered in the ring; among them, the APAC manufacturers is and will be posing the biggest threat to the current market leaders. Among them are Magnachip, Vishay, Silan, NCE Power, Semi Power, Renesas and ON Semiconductor.

SJ-Mosfet Market1

In the current scenario, the SJ-MOSFET market is leaded by Infineon and STMicroelectronics sharing more than 85% of the total market, but with the entrants in the market from Japan, China, India, Singapore, and Taiwan such as Vishay, Renesas, and Rohm among the others, it is expected that the market share is going to shift to these new players. Moreover there are many other regional small players that will consume a few percent and would consequently cause the market leader’s share to shrivel.

SJ-Mosfet Market

The above figure gives the idea of SJ-MOSFET market forecast, market share of different applications and the different manufacturers leading the market. The key trends which have emerged in the SJ- MOSFET market are; the increasing acceptance of compact and small power supply devices and adaptors in the applications where the size of the device matters; technological innovations in the fabrication and packaging process; high ON-state resistance and low power consumption; higher efficiency and low heat dissipation. The only factor adversely affecting the growth of the market is the difficulty faced in the manufacturing and fabrication process of different materials in SJ-MOSFET. Besides, SJ-MOSFET devices are also facing increased completion from other technologies like GaN and IGBT. As such, a SJ-MOSFET solution provider with both business and technological expertise would be the ideal partner for any business. With the right strategy and the right choice of material provider, businesses could see great benefits from SJ-MOSFET industry.

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