Will Electric Traction Transformers Market Overtake the Conventional Systems?

Traction transformer is an integral part of any electric traction system present in various rolling stocks and types of networks. The conventional transformer systems work on fossil fuels, which makes them expensive. Transformers working on traditional energy sources also cause noise pollution and power loss. Electric traction transformers are ideal solution for the conventional traction systems. Electric transformers have lower running cost, they also have high power to weight ratio, which has numerous benefits. The electric transformer market is set to take over the conventional energy sources available for traction motors and transformers. This is a great trend that creates opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Types and advantages of Electric Traction Transformers

As far as the electric traction transformer market is concerned, it is divided into various segments based on types, applications, voltage networks and rolling stock.  Tap-changing, rectifiers and tapped are three basic types of these transformers. High-speed trains, trams, electric multiple units or EMUs and electric locomotives are the four major kinds of rolling stock that work best with these transporters. High-speed trains and electric locomotives require high power ratings, while EMUs require medium power rating. Trams can work on DC systems as well.

Lower running cost of locomotives and EMUs are the basic advantages of electric traction transformers. They have low noise operations, lower power loss and they help saving crude oil and fossil fuel sources as the basic power source. The power to weight ratio for these transformers is higher, which leads to fast acceleration, higher speed limits, lesser locomotives and greater practical power limits. Owing to all these facts, these transformers are chosen oven conventional sources.

The market trends for electric transformers are positive. The Traction Transformers Market has recorded great prospects in terms of increase in demands and size. The global demand for electric machines has increased significantly. All the vehicles running on a railway, including high-speed trains, trams, wagons, trolleybuses, monorails, EMUs and locomotives depend on these transformers. Various powerful locomotives and fast trains require tap changing systems.

The use of electric traction transformers has tremendously increased in the past few years. The same trend is likely to be persistent in the years to come. The forecasting reports for this market show greater prospects for growth and demand. The growth rate for high-speed trains will be above average. The market will grow at a record CAGR of 11.43% within next five years. The market revenue and geographical demand for these transformers will also grow significantly.

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