Increased Use of Water Soluble Fertilizers to Improve Crop Production

Fertilizers play a vital role the crop production and development of the agriculture sector. Discovery of water-soluble fertilizer is the greatest of innovations for agriculture. As the name suggests water-soluble fertilizers are the once that completely dissolve in the water. This quality of these fertilizes makes them easy to add and leach in the soil. The farmers can easily control the amount of nutrients in the crops and get excellent production. Considering their eco-friendly nature, water-soluble fertilizer market is also into great profits on global platform.

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Benefits of Using Water Soluble Fertilizers

Water-soluble fertilizers are usually available in liquid concentrates or powders that you need to dissolve in the water before the actual application. Watering can or hose-end sprayers are the best instruments to apply these fertilizers. The biggest advantage of these fertilizers is that they are easy to use and extremely efficient for home gardens and container plants as well. They minimize the risk of burning the roots of the plants as long as you use them in the correct diluted form. Some other advantages of using these fertilizers include their solubility, pH stability, easy application and safety.

These are highly soluble fertilizers, making them ideal for your plants. They can be applied on both soil and the leaves of the plants. These are commonly used in combination or an alteration with soil-applied fertilizers. They are easy to apply, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions given on the cans. They are compatible with almost all the plants grown in nurseries, green houses and home gardens. They are not poisonous for the plants; hence, you need not worry about the safety aspect.

Water soluble fertilizers Market are stable for the soil as they are stable on the pH scale. This factor makes them ideal for the soil with high acidity as well as the soil with low acidity. The chemical formula of the fertilizers plays a major role in the soil quality and health of the plants as well. These fertilizers are highly eco-friendly; they undergo plenty of laboratory tests, which negate the possible presence of chlorine-based agents that are harmful for the plants on the long run.

Considering all these advantages, the water-soluble fertilizer market is booming with new customers and investors. Nitrogenous, potassic, phosphatic and micronutrient-based are some of the major types of these fertilizers. The market segmentation for these fertilizers is also observed based on their application. Water-soluble fertilizers are ideal for various horticulture crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, turf, fields, crops and ornamental gardens.

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