Water Treatment Chemicals Market Witnessing Steady Growth – An Overview

Use of water treatment chemicals is a common instance in the process of water purification. These chemicals assist the removal of undesirable chemicals, pollutants, biological contaminants, and other contaminants form water making it drinkable and usable for humans. Increasing demand from different industrial verticals and lack of clean drinking water are suggested to be the strongest drivers for the water treatment chemicals market. As a result, the industry is expecting to witness steady growth in coming future.

Drivers and Segments

Clean and pure drinking water is a major cause of concern for the world. As a result, the water treatment industry is coming up with advanced methods and technologies to make maximum use of the available resource. Water treatment chemicals prove to be milestone in the process of water purification. As a result, the global market is also poised to witness steady growth from different parts of the world. Increasing demand for clean water and regularly increasing demand from various industrial verticals also play crucial role in the demand for these chemicals. Significant rise in the application areas and impressive demand from emerging markets also provide additional traction to the industry.

Global water treatment chemicals market is segmented on the basis of their types and applications. Geographic regions are also taken into consideration while categorizing the demand and prevalent trends in the industry. Types of products available in the market include scale and corrosion inhibitors, chelating agents, coagulants and flocculants, pH adjusters, pH stabilizers, biocides and disinfectants, anti-foaming agents, and such other products. The applications segment is majorly categorized into industrial and municipal segments. The industrial segment is sub-categorized into food and beverage, power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, metal and mining, and other industries.

Trends and Forecasts

As mentioned before, rising demand for pure and drinkable water is the primary driver for the global industry of water treatment chemicals. The demand of water for industrial usage is also creating strong growth prospects for the industry. Emerging markets and especially the regions like Asia Pacific are expected to witness healthy growth amongst all the geographic regions of the world. Exploding population and industrial growth within the Asia Pacific region is creating strong growth for the market. As a result, the region accounts for more than 35% of total market shares. India and China are expected to be the centers of this rising demand within the APAC region.

According to the market research reports, water treatment chemicals market is expected to maintain a steady CAGR of over 4% from 2013 to 2018. At the projected compound annual growth rate, the industry is anticipated to grow from estimated consumption of over 12.8 billion lbs in 2013 to reach past 15.3 billion lbs by 2018. Asia Pacific will continue to dominate the global industry. In terms of applications, power generation sector has maximum traction.

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