How Technological Advancements will Affect the Global Wi-Fi Market in Future

Wireless technology has become inseparable from all the aspects of human lives. Offices, homes, warehouses, government buildings, mobile phones and public buildings are connected with wireless technology or Wi-Fi for quick access of internet. Wi-Fi allows users to connect their devices to the computer network over radio waves. These wireless local area networks or WLANs are convenient, affordable and easy to install, which is proving to be a huge boost for the global Wi-Fi market. The forecasting trends of the market are rather exciting for the new entrants, thanks to the constant technological advancements.



The global Wi-Fi market is segmented based on the location of usage, the products used for the installation and the services and industry verticals that Wi-Fi covers. Geographical trends of demand and supply also provide valuable information about the challenges and opportunities in the market. Transportation, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi are the types of locations used for this technology. These types have further segmentation. For instance, indoor Wi-Fi is categorized into household, commercial and enterprise usage. Transportation Wi-Fi is categorized as railway, roadway, in-flight and maritime Wi-Fi.

Apart from the electronic devices enabled with Wi-Fi, access points, wireless hotspot gateways, relays, repeaters and controllers are the basic products sold in this market. The services offered by the industry include installation, survey, analysis, network planning design and customer support. Global Wi-Fi market serves a variety of business verticals including healthcare, business, transportation, logistics, education, public sector and other crucial services. According to the research reports, all these segments are expected to have great boost in the coming years.

In-flight Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi on the go, indoor Wi-Fi and other types like machine to machine (M2M) and hotspots will witness increased demands and applications in various business verticals in the years to come. According to the same reports, the forecasting for the market holds great success, thanks to the technological advancements in this industry. The demand and supply ratio will increase, which will affect the global size and market share. Businesses will imply various innovative business models for further expansion and success on global level.

As far as forecasting is concerned, the market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 15.08% from 2013 to 2018. According to these estimates, the market will reach to $93.23 billion by 2018. The market is currently set at $40.13 billion. All these factors are equally essential for creating a positive atmosphere in the market, which is full of opportunities for the new businesses and existing key players.


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