Yeast Market Capitalizing on Rising Demand for Beer and Wine

Yeast is used as an essential source of high dietary proteins, enzymes, and vitamins. The applications of yeast include food, feed, and other industrial applications. It is extensively used in the food and beverage industry as an additive, conditioner, and flavoring agent. The varied functionality of yeast has influenced its growth in a progressive manner and depicts the growth prospects in the future as well.

The changing lifestyles of the consumers lead to a shift in their consumption patterns from conventional home cooked food to convenient ready-to-eat baked snacks. The market for yeast and yeast extract is also driven due to its high nutrition value and taste enhancing ability. Yeast extract is also used as a substitute for salt in various baked goods. The yeast market  is also rising with the increasing demand for wine and beer. With the growing awareness regarding the use of bio-ethanol, the demand for bio-ethanol yeast is increasing, especially in North American and European countries.

Specialty yeast products are versatile ingredients used in an array of everyday products. The ever growing demand for ready-to-eat and convenience food products has accelerated the growth of specialty yeast products across the globe.

The leading players of the yeast market are involved in mergers and acquisitions of companies to expand their business and global presence. Modern researchers are focusing on developing several new techniques of isolation, propagation, and industrial production of yeast strains and yeast extracts to match the increased demands from the food industry. The major players include Lallemand Inc. (Canada), ABF Ingredients Plc. (U.K.), and Angel Yeast Co. Ltd. (China).

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