Two Factors that Drive Americas Gesture Recognition Market

Computer science and advanced language technology has taken the world by storm, which reflects in its presence in a variety of everyday devices and equipment. Touch-less sensing and gesture recognition are some of the emerging fields of computer science. Touch-less sensing is driven by the goal of interpreting human gestures through certain mathematical algorithms. Although the devices enabled with gesture recognition can recognize the motion of any bodily motion, they commonly originate from hands and face. Americas gesture recognition market is evolving at an astounding rate, which make the region to reach the top at the global market share as well.



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Major Drivers

Intensive technological reforms and constant efforts for innovation from original equipment manufacturers is the basic driving force for gesture recognition market in America. Consumer electronics is the major contributor for the market. However, both North and South America are aiming at one-stop integration of devices, increasing use of this technology in entertainment, and gaming. Owing to augmented applications, integration into automotive technologies and rising demand are the three driving factors creating business opportunities in Americas Gesture Recognition Market. Saturated consumer electronics industry is the biggest challenge for American market, which is estimated to grow at a record rate.

Gesture Recognition Market in America

Gesture is the fundamental tool for human communication, which is smartly utilized into gesture recognition technology. This technology encompasses variety of products under sanitary and biometric equipment segments. Both these segments require high security applications and hygiene. The most common day-to-day devices enabled with touch-less technology include infrared sensor faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers. All these devices control wastage of resources and maintain hygiene. Gesture recognition technology facilitates coordinates biometrics like human gestures with the devices to carry out the desired tasks. This technology is utilized in a variety of devices for sanitation, security and entertainment.

Segmentation and Forecasting

Americas gesture recognition market has interesting segmentation based on technology, business verticals and regional and geographical demands. Depending on the technology, the market is segmented into 2D camera, 3D vision, infrared, electronic near field and ultrasonic technology. 3D vision has further sub-segments such as structured lighting, stereoscopic, gesture cameras and time-of-light cameras. Healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics and retail are the major industry verticals that utilize these technologies. According to the forecasting reports, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.08% by 2018. These whopping figures will take the regional share of the market to $4774.70 million at the end of 2018.


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