Basics of Comparative Market Analysis in Real Estate Market

Comparative market analysis or CMA helps real estate agents to determine the listing prices or actual value of the properties. Most real estate professional select the recently sold properties similar to the existing property in terms of locality and size. You need to determine estimated worth of a property for comparison of various properties. Thorough comparative market analysis reports made by expert researchers would also include comparison of all the similar properties in the area. This comparison allows assessment of the prevailing competition in the real estate market and estimates the ratio of available and sold properties in your target market.

Comparative Market Study for Real Estate Business

Real estate professionals and agents use the CMA for property analysis. It helps them determine the actual market value of a real estate. Comparative market study is not some kind of appraisal, but is a type of information collection system that helps you find appraisals. Experienced real estate agents can easily use these Business research reports to find out the actual worth of that property, which is also the basic aim of these analysis projects.

This analysis helps you to put accurate value on the properties that help the customers/buyers as well as sellers. Learning how to prepare the reports is equally important. Start with preparing a practice report for your own home and gain experience by compiling comparative market research for other familiar properties. You can also use advanced computer software that helps you in determining the listings of current and sold properties. Such software programs are easy to use and they provide effective results. They come with easy and systematic instructions that help you create detailed reports for your real estate business.

Analyzing your local market of real estate provides the details about the sold and available properties. The market of real estate is fast changing with escalating prices. As a result, experts suggest considering only the properties that are sold in the recent past. Overall, always search for the most recent activities in the real estate market, because they are likely to be more accurate for your business research reports. However, when it comes to understanding the shifting market trends, consider expired properties, available properties and estates that are sold in the recent past. All three of these provide details about the prevailing change in your target market.

The ability to compile an accurate market reports is a skill. These reports are easy to prepare when they contain firsthand experiences. You may also like to contact a business research firm to help you the project. They keep you updated with listings of sold and available properties.


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