Basic Steps of Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research helps you learn about various verbal and non-verbal behaviors of customers. Business research has become the need of the hour. It helps you find out details about your customers, target market, trends, segments and competition. It gives you idea about what your customers are thinking about your products or services. It is one of the most popular tools of marketing research.

Qualitative business research is based on the attitude, intentions, demands, beliefs and opinions of your customers. Numerous tools of marketing research are used for collecting market data with help of qualitative industry research.

Basic Tools of Qualitative Marketing Research

A market research company uses various tools and methods of marketing research, based on the size, nature and type of the research project. Once all the market data is collected with help of these tools, you need to arrange and analyze it before preparing in-depth business market research reports. it is the reason why hiring a professional firm like MarketsandMarkets is a very good idea. Following are the most common tools of qualitative business research.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are similar to group discussion sessions, which the industry research experts initiate and observe. These are highly interactive and informative discussions and you need to have more than three customers to initiate the conversation. In order to maintain uniformity in results, researchers make sure to choose customers based on their demographics including gender, age, preferences and beliefs.

Face-to-face Interview

Face-to-face or personal interviews are one of the most common tools of business research. These interviews last for around 1 to 2 hours and they are recorded for further analysis. The researcher starts with several casual and rapport building questions leading towards the marketing research questions that provide essential information about the customer behavior and demands.


Contacting and analyzing the entire target population is not practically possible. Researchers choose representative customers to study on behalf of the entire market. This method is called as sampling. Amongst various types of sampling, random probability sampling provides specific clues about what the population is actually thinking about your products or services.

Projective Techniques

Word association, thematic apperception, role-playing, sentence completion and numerous such other projective techniques are used for in-depth analysis of the customers and their reaction to a specific product. These tests are highly interactive. As a result, they invoke deeper response from the target customers.

Qualitative market research is a very effective technique of learning about the actual behavior of your customers. As a result, it has to be performed by trained and knowledgeable professionals in order to maintain accurate and unbiased nature of the research reports.

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