Young, Big and Dynamic Big Data Analytics Market Has a Promising Future

Marketing and decision-making processes for businesses have become easier with the advent of data warehousing technology. Increasing popularity of social medial and digitization in day-to-day lives has created large unorganized data in the form of emails, web logs and other online data. Pervasiveness of the applications of the big data is present in every aspect of life. It is applied in a variety of activities including weather forecasting, marketing and business analysis. Considering the size and amount of big data, which is available out there, the existing data management techniques are incapable of processing all this valuable information. Newly launched technologies like Hadoop have created sensation in the big data analytics market for some valid reasons.

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Hadoop it an open source software network that transparently provides data motion and reliability to the applications. This technology supports big data distributed applications and large clusters of other commodity hardware. Hadoop and big data analytics market has a great hope for the parallel processing of large volumes of information across the global servers. This technology is emerging as the greatest solution for extracting the potential useful information from this cluster. The global Hadoop market is segmented based on its types, services, applications, hardware equipments and geographical demands. Each of these segments has a great scope for growth and expansion on global level.

Hadoop packaged software; Hadoop management, applications and performance monitoring management are the four basic types of software types available. There are various categories in this technology, namely, network equipments, storage and servers. As far as the services are concerned, Hadoop and big data analytics market provides services such as middleware & support, consulting, training & outsourcing and integration & deployment. This technology has numerous applications based on various industry verticals. The most common being telecommunication, banking & finance, web, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas mining, healthcare, public utilities and government, transportation, IT and security, bioinformatics, gaming, education, media and entertainment.

The scope of applications of Hadoop and big data analytics market is increasing with each passing day. Although young, this market holds a great future in terms of demands, technological advancements and global presence. As per the global market research reports, the big data analytics market will grow at an estimated CAGR of 54.9%. At this whopping rate, the market is estimated to reach past $13.95 billion by the end of 2017. These reports are highly exiting not only for the existing players in the market but also for the businesses looking for future investments in big data analytics.

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