Connected Cars: Promises An Array Of Growth Opportunities For The Internet Of Things Industry

‘Connected cars’ is one of the key application markets which are likely to affect the mainstream adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) over the next few years. The concept of connected cars and the evolution of technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G, and HSPA have been the major factors driving the penetration of the Internet of Things (IoT) market in the automotive segment.

The concept of connected cars as an Internet of Things application revolves around the purpose of providing more entertainment and information for passengers as well as drivers. Potential applications of connected cars has been gaining more traction as the car drivers, automakers, government bodies have begun to understand the value of connectivity in their vehicles.

Soon the optional features for the cars won’t just be a sunroof, music systems or leather interior, it will be ultra high speed, high bandwidth connectivity that revolutionizes the in-vehicle understanding for drivers and passengers. Within a car such as LTE connected car resolution concept, consumers would be able to contact network and cloud based applications, putting on demand entertainment, vehicle relationship management, infotainment, diagnostics, and navigation, and much more at their doorstep. Connected car forms an entirely novel mobile platform by bringing together component suppliers, auto manufacturers, telecom vendors, and content providers.

The upcoming Internet of Things technologies and services is expected to assist better use of infrastructure and cars to be made, improving safety, enhancing reliability of transport, rising fuel saving, supporting multi-modal travel, and dipping the environmental impacts of mobility, thus sustaining public, private and industry requirements.

From the technological standpoint, growth of Internet of Things market has presented long-term opportunities for the automotive industry as a whole. To realize IoT’s full potential, cross-domain expertise and collaborations are required by the various stakeholders of the connected cars market. While the connected car technology was started by a few pioneers of the industry such as GM (U.S.), Ford (U.S.), and BMW (Germany) in late 1996, thereafter, all the big automakers such as Toyota (Japan), Volvo (Sweden), and Nissan (Japan) among others have commenced the same in Japan, Europe, and Asia respectively.

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