Different Applications of Market Research with SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a crucial tool for market research that simple analyses all the positive and negative factors affecting a business. It helps businesses in laying strong foundation for various new marketing strategies and products. SWOT analysis is the basic step of full-length business research. It considers all the strengths and weaknesses of a businesses and studies them against the opportunities and threats to the business and from outside and within the organization. This assessment procedure takes place at the earliest stage of marketing research. SWOT analysis helps at the time of strategizing and planning for a new business venture of change in the existing products.

SWOT Analysis in Market Research

SWOT analysis is the basic tool of business research. It is the assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a business or product. It helps a business to maximize their strengths, capitalize on the weaknesses, seize the opportunities and counterattack the threats. It creates listing of all these four internal and external factors affecting a business, product or particular market. These lists are useful for other intricate market research techniques.

Overall, it is a strong and straightforward business research model with various applications. Clarity, cost-effectiveness and simplicity are the biggest advantages of SWOT analysis. Using it for situational analysis gives deeper understanding of the market and supports the process of decision-making. Following are the applications of SWOT analysis:

  • Information about the position and viability of your business in the market
  • Clear idea about the current market trends, your brand and business
  • Clarity of thoughts when it comes to method of sales, marketing and distribution
  • Assistance in strategic planning for launching a new product or business
  • Ideas about potential partnerships, competition and acquisitions
  • Idea about potential opportunities for investments, investment and outsourcing
  • Information about the planning and management of finances and projects
  • Suggestions about personal development including relocation, career choices, downshifting

All the information gathered with help of SWOT analysis is useful for market research that is more intricate. You can easily contact a professional business research firm to get in-depth business analysis. People with thorough knowledge about their business and target market can easily perform this analysis on their own. However, the people performing it may influence SWOT analysis. it is also the reason why they should be performed by outside business consultants.

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