Energy Harvesting Technologies to go into Consumer Electronics Market

Based on our extensive research and market study of semiconductors, electronics and technology sectors over the past one year, we have come up with the following top trends in Energy Harvesting Industry for 2013.

Energy harvesting is the process of collecting the ambient energy from the surroundings like light, heat, vibration, and electromagnetic radiation, and converting it into usable electrical energy for power portable electrical devices; this can be done without using the batteries. This technology efficiently collects the ambient energy that we usually discard and merits a lot of attention. It is also known as energy scavenging or power scavenging. MarketsandMarkets expects the global energy harvesting market is expected to reach $1.9 bn by 2017 at an estimated CAGR of 24.31%.

The energy harvesting market is one of the most interesting growth segments in the semiconductor industry as it can directly affect other allied markets like Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), IoT and M2M. Batteries that are used in these embedded networks need to be replaced often and this can be a time consuming as well as a difficult job when the product is in hostile environments or hard to access places. Energy harvesting gives batteries the capability of self-charging and this can be used to manufacture long-lasting and sturdy products as the need to replace a battery never arises. Companies like ABB ltd, Enocean, Cymbet, Honeywell, Microgen systems and Microstrain Inc are expected to launch a new range of cost-effective energy harvesting products in 2013, which will help accelerate the market further.

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