Find Competitive Market Analysis in Few Easy Steps

Along with excellent technical knowledge about your business, you need thorough knowledge about your marketplace, in order to succeed in your business venture. Your marketplace consists of the target market, target customers and the existing business owners with similar products as you. You can easily collect all the relevant market data from your marketplace, with help of business analysis. Market study has become the need of the hour for businesses in various industries. You need competitive market analysis, in order to launch your product or new services successfully into a market. No amount of expert knowledge can reduce the importance of industry study.

Easy Steps for Competitive Market Analysis

You can either hire a business research firm or perform business analysis on your own. Various third party experts collect market data for your business. They collect, analyze and arrange all the available market data into full-length reports. These reports contain valuable information about your target market, customers, competition and products. Along with addressing the key issues, these reports provide valuable suggestions about product development and strategic planning for business expansion. Cost of these research projects depend on your budget and the size of the project. Following are a few easy steps that help careful competitive business analysis:

  • Define the exact problem or the objective of your study. It provides details about various easy ways to collect all the relevant information for your business as well. You can also create a well-designed questionnaire for the same.
  • Using SWOT analysis is also a good idea. SWOT analysis is the process of collecting all the information about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business ventures from various internal and external sources. Strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors, while opportunities and threats are the external factors that can affect your business on short as well as long-term basis.
  • If you are doing the study on your own then log on to the official website of your competitors. Access all the relevant information like reports and articles about your competitors from their website. Study the collected data to examine the trends and special features of the products or services provided by your competitors.
  • Also, collect all the existing information from various print media sources. Collect trade journals, newspapers, magazines, stock records, government records and advertisements that contain relevant market data.
  • Try to contact existing players in your marketplace for more personal information about them. Also, try to contact the vendors, suppliers and customers of your competitors. they provide crucial insight about their product, pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Make contact with your customers. Talk to them with help of various methods of market surveys. You can use telephone, emails, postal mails, online surveys, focus groups, personal interviews and field trials for the same.

Carefully analyze all the market data that you collect through these steps. Arrange the entire data into systematic business research reports. these reports provide you crucial insight about your own product as well as the customer behavior, market trends, segment structures and position of your competitors.

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