Five Market Research Methods and Techniques

Various ways to conduct market research depend on the size, type and nature of a particular business research report. Marketing research experts evaluate all your marketing related decisions, recommend you the right strategies, opportunities and niche market. Business or industry research is a systematic method of collecting, arranging and analyzing all the relevant data related to a particular business or market. It included in-depth analysis of your target market, customers, products and competitors. Detailed analysis of all these factors concerning your business definitely gives you an edge over your competition and helps you grow the business.

Techniques and Methods of Market Research

Every business research firm has its own tools and techniques to prepare industry research reports. These methods and techniques maintain balance between practical and theoretical aspect of marketing research. Overall, there are five basic methods of business research, used for preparing new reports about industry analysis. Following are the basic methods of industry research in practice today:


These straightforward questionnaires analyse a sample group of customers representing your target market. Four basic types of survey help gather thorough market data for the desired project. These types include in-person surveys, telephonic surveys, mail surveys or post office surveys and online surveys. Amongst these survey methods, online survey are the cheapest while in-person surveys are the most effective types.

Personal Interviews

Personal interviews are highly effective when it comes to preparing market research reports. During personal interviews, researchers ask a set of unstructured and open-ended questions. Such methods of business research help collect more subjective data than various other complicated industry research techniques. They give numerous clues about the exact behavior and approach of the customers towards a particular market or product.

Focus Groups

Similar to personal interviews, focus groups present opportunities of direct interaction with the customers. Marketers prefer using focus groups for marketing research, as they are more subjective and evoke discussion among the customer. During focus groups, the researcher uses a series of scripted questions to initiate discussion among the groups.

Field Trials

Field trial is one of the most effective market research techniques for small and large businesses. It involves selling a new or revived product in select stores or customers. The feedback and response to the product is analyzed for improvements in the product, which is then launched for the entire population.


Observation is the key to market research. A researcher can easily learn many things about customer behavior with help of plain observation. Experts carefully analysis the recordings of this reaction to observe numerous things that customers fail to express otherwise.

Business research firms like MarketsandMarkets specialize in using various effective methods and strategies of market research to create full-length and comprehensive research reports.


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