Four Stages of Market Research Process

In today’s world of fierce competition, no business achieves desired results without systematic market research. It has become the need of the hour for every market and every industry. Apart from getting significant edge over your competitors, marketing research helps you attain the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and ideal profits. Individual customer is the basic unit of business research. You need a strong management tool that studies market demographics of a product or business in order to bring it to the top of the ladder. Market or industry research is a systematic process of creating reports based on all the data collected from various sources relevant to a particular market. These reports provide crucial details about market segments, trends, products, customer feedback and competition.

What are the Stages of Market research?

Although marketing research is not a foolproof method but it gives that confidence of fearless decision-making and product development with enough information to back them up. It is a four-stage process generally conducted by a trained and knowledgeable professional market research firm. Companies like MarketsandMarkets create detailed business research reports that are accurate and informative for a particular product, service or niche market. Following are the stages of industry research

1.Defining Problem

You cannot search for the answers if you are not aware of the questions. You have to find out current market position of your product or business so that it can fit in the current scenario. Defining the problem takes place in two stages, namely, setting the objectives and measuring the success. Test markets or field trials of a newly launched product provide direct customer feedback, which helps in product revival or development.

2.Developing Research Plan

Once you have defined the problem, there has to be a research plan to come up with an excellent product highly useful to your customers. Market research reports help you come up with sort out the details so that you can make reasonable marketing decisions. Various tools help developing a research plan so that all the relevant information is gathered.

3.Collecting Information

Once the research plan for business research reports is prepared then is the time to collect market data. Industry research methods like primary and secondary business research methods are used for collecting all the relative data about a particular product, market or business. Various methods like surveys, interviews and observation provide enough customer feedback, while mediums like internet, newspapers and past records provide all the existing information.

4.Creating Report

This is the final stage of market research process. Once all the market data is collected, it is systematically analyzed and arranged for easy comprehension. It is a detailed document containing numerous in-depth study reports, graphs, records, problems, solutions and recommendations for your product or business.

Business research is an intricate process that helps you make informed decision for complete customer satisfaction and overall growth of your business.


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