Image Sensor Market Trends and Forecasting from 2013 to 2018

Image sensors are the devices that help converting an optical image to electronic signal. This is a common technology used in numerous gadgets including digital cameras. Image sensor semiconductors are also popular in other disciplines such as medical diagnostics, visual feedback to controllers, infotainment, fault detection, entertainment and surveillance. Global image sensor market is likely to observe steady growth, which creates business opportunities for many. Image sensor market revolves around numerous factors that affect the market trends and forecasting results of this area. Focusing on these factors gives definitive edge to the businesses that are looking to thrive past their competitors and leading players.

Market Trends and Forecasting for 2013 to 2018

From those simple single array CCD sensors, the images sensors have reached a long way. Today complex image sensors like 3D array digital SLR sensors are also being used for fine quality and effectiveness. Image sensor technology is highly popular in the fields other than cameras. These fields involve heavy adoption and application of image sensor techniques on crucial job fronts. All the applications of image sensors are driven by various factors like the demand for these applications and their process automation.

Image sensor semiconductor market is segmented based on their applications, technology advancements and geographical demands. These segments are further divided into small but significant sub-segments that cover common applications such as security and surveillance, customer electronics, medical imaging, aerospace, microscopy, document scanning and several other industrial applications. Market analysis also shows the growth in the demand for the side drivers like BSI technology, which supports the image sensor market to a greater deal.

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CCD, Hybrid, CMOS and CID are major types of image sensor technology, which have their special niche market. Advanced demands have forced this technology to produce image sensors that are capable of operating at various wavelengths. According to the wavelength, Image Sensor Market is segmented in three types, namely, infrared, visible and x-ray. Observations claim huge opportunities for the businesses as image sensors market is recording a strong global presence.

Forecasting trends in this market are rather refreshing for the businesses that have identified the burning issues in their businesses. The global market for image sensors like likely to grow at a good CAGR rate until 2018 and it is likely to surpass USD 10.75 Billion, by the end of 2018. This forecast is highly encouraging for the businesses looking to expand into this market.

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