Importance of Pre-launch Market Research

Placing emphasis on pre-launch market research is critical in today’s competitive business environment. No matter which product or service you want to launch, studying your target market and scouting the potential customers is the basic deal. Professional market or business research is the best technique to get answers of both these questions. When performed accurately and carefully, industry research helps a business in numerous ways. When you are looking to launch a new business, studying the respective market and segments gives you an idea about the highs and lows of business. It also informs you about the competition you might have to face from other businesses marketing similar products.

Advantages of Market Research

Various techniques and methods of business research provide in-depth analysis and expert advice on market trends, customers, products or services and key players. When a professional market research company conducts these research projects, they are always accurate, thorough and all-inclusive. They help make informed decisions when it comes to launching a new business or product. Such decisions minimize the risk factor and uncertainty about market trends and success of your product. They identify potential problems, opportunities and competition. Analysis of all these things provides you all the information about the target market and your position in it.

Tips for Pre-launch Market Research

  • Experts suggest that pre-launch business research should start even a year before you actually want to launch the business or product.
  • There are two basic ways to perform marketing research. They include primary research and secondary research.
  • Primary research is the method of creating fresh market data with help of various techniques like surveys, observations, interviews and field trials.
  • Secondary research on the other hand is a process of collection all the relevant data that exists at various resources.
  • These resources include internet, books, magazines and newspapers, government records, past stock records, old business research reports, sales records and customer database.

You can perform market research project on your own or seek professional help from expert research firms. They offer accurate market analysis at affordable prices, which makes them ideal for small-scale business as well. The risks, uncertainty and failures associated with a newly launched business are high. It also makes it difficult to make decisions concerning new businesses or products. Business research eases the process of decision-making by providing essential information.


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