[Infographic] Combine Gamification with Market Research for Innovative Drawings

Advanced fields like information technology have made the human life easy, in so many ways. Increase use of technology in day-to-day lives of humans has also entered the essential practices like business research. Entrepreneurs, despite the size of their businesses believe in performing thorough analysis of the marketplace. This analysis offers them valuable details about their target customers competitors and latest market trends. The continued influence of computing technology and internet is evident in the changing researching practices of today. Experts from across the globe believe in relying on internet for a larger part of their survey. This is a welcome change for the businesses as well as research firms on the long run.

infographic gamification with market research

What is Gamification?

Gamification has made news in various industry verticals since past few years. A powerful strategy, gamification helps you to engage your customers in a better way. Customers across various industrial verticals, including market research gain numerous advantages with help of this technique. Gamification is a process of using game mechanics to trigger thinking and problem solving mechanism of the customers. It is a process of using gaming technologies in a completely different and non-gaming context. This is an interesting venture as far as researching for a variety of business is concerned.

According to the experts, gamification helps researchers by drawing true and deepest emotions of the subjects, in this case- customers. Along with their desires for competitiveness, self-expression, closure, achievement and status, it helps them give honest opinions about your products or services. This is the basic motive of marketing research, which is served with help of a less-formal and rewarding way. Gamification strategies rely on rewarding the participants, who complete the assigned tasks in the expected period.

How Gamification Helps Industry Research?

The inherent competitive nature of this technique, along with the innate competitive nature of the participants helps researchers with desired results. It draws great detailing about the unexpressed desires, preferences, experiences, expectations and perceptions of the consumers. Customer experiences play a vital role in strategizing for marketing and business planning. Not all the customers are comfortable with participating in focus groups or group discussions. Techniques like gamification help them enjoy the process in an engaging manner. Added attributes of learning and competitive keeps them involved throughout the process, which helps the analysts.

Along with coming up with these games manually, several paid and free apps are available on internet. These are basic consumer survey apps that are designed in the most engaging manner. These surveys are often called as ‘fun surveys’, thanks to the fun factor involved in the process. Introducing such innovative techniques in market research surely helps researchers to find the required information in a painless manner.

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