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market research with Google Databoard

Similar to other fields of life, deluge of information has become the reality for today’s business world. Researchers and marketers come across different types of statistics, charts, studies, papers and database on a daily basis. Although this data is meant to help them in some way or the other, this unstructured data increases the confusion. Google in turn has come up with a handy tool in the form of Google Databoard. The market research world has taken a new turn with the launch of this brand new tool, which the developers guarantee to be an aid for better research insights. A wave of thoughts on the other hands claims it to be a warning for the run of the mill analysis firms that use any form of information floating on the web to form their ‘own’ research.

What is Google Databoard?

Think With Google especially designed to make research, reports and data more comprehensive. It supports the research insight tool and works with all forms of Google data. They have taken help from graphics and creative presentations of this data, which is potentially valuable to a market research analysis or business in particular. While working on a potential research topic, all you need to do is to create your databoard, with help of the available graphics. These graphics also help you create greater infographics, which can easily be shared across different social medial channels and emails. Along with providing valuable information about your particular topic of analysis, you also get visually attractive forms of information, including graphs, charts and statistics.

Key Takeaways

  • Access to all website statistics within single widget
  • Real time as well as cache feature to get real time traffic details and avert daily limit exceeds
  • Access level settings for backend statistics, frontend data and reports
  • Simple authorization process, use friendly dashboard, colored themes and easy sharing options

How does it Work?

As mentioned before, Google Databoard is expected to be a huge boost for market research companies across the globe. The dashboard of the databoard is highly interactive, which guides even a layman about the proper way to use it. As of now, Google has introduced mobile research, which is currently trending topic across various business verticals. The information available is classified in a way that helps understanding the concept of mobile research and practical use of the statistics in terms of insights, customer behavior and multi-channel conversations.

The best thing about this entire process is that you can easily incorporate this data into your interactive set of infographics and present it to your client or refer it while creating your particular study project. When people turn to research firms, they expect it to be thorough, accurate and synergistic. The said method of analysis offers just that in addition to visual appeal to the monotonous ‘business reports’. It is not surprising that many leading industry research companies including MarketsandMarkets have already started making additional efforts to use more innovative and technologically sound tools of business analysis. Since the Databoard is still in its budding stage, analysis firms are hoping to make more frequent use of such tools and help their clients in an innovative manner.

Google Databoard Reviews

Since its launch in mid 2013, experts and researchers have had their share if reviews and opinions about this newly launched tool for business research. A common chain of thoughts explain it to be a completely new way of market research. Changing the visual experience seems to be the prime motive of this analysis, which of course is paired with accuracy. Another aspect that separates this tool from the rest is the way it helps businesses to reuse the collected information in different ways and for different purposes along with sharing it on the social media. Some experts on the other hand fail to understand the uniqueness that this tool has.

According to experts, the developers could have added several additional features into this tool in order to make it next to perfect. Addition of different interactive tools to track the behavior trends (focus groups and surveys) would have made it the one-stop shop furthermore. Also, since the tool is still in its experimental stage, the makers have only included the mobile research, which is expected to grow as the time progresses.

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