Microserver Market Grows Exponentially with Rise in Cloud Computing

A microserver is a small sized server, which is an off-the-shelf appliance. These servers come with software, hardware and operating system and are designed for easy maintenance and installation. Microservers are popular amongst the end-users like small and medium businesses as they don’t require tower servers or full scale rack. According to the researchers, rapid rise in the demand from the SMBs across different industrial verticals and rising digitization of the businesses are expected to drive the microserver market at an exponential rate. Emerging markets are expected to provide vital growth traction for this market over the next few years. Technological advancements are also expected to create rise in the rate of adoption for this market.

Segmentation in the Microservers Market

Researchers segment the global microserver market on the basis of the types of solutions, processors, applications and the types of servers. They further segment the market on the basis of the end-user and geographic segments of the market. Basic types of solutions in the market include services, hardware and software. Basic types of processors in the market include ARM, Intel and others. The types of services in the market include professional services, installation and support services and consulting services. Major application segments are categorized into cloud computing, data analytics, data center, media storage, and other. The end-user segments the market include large enterprises and small and medium businesses.

Market Drivers, Restraints and Forecasts

According to the experts, the microserver market is expected to be driven by rising demand from the emerging markets. Emerging hyperscale data center architecture and growth in cloud computing are also expected to create growth opportunities for this market over the next few years. Rise in web hosting and advantages like low power consumption and web hostage are also expected to create potential growth opportunities in this market. Major restraining factors include lack of standard specification and limited awareness about these servers. Limited use by the small and medium enterprises is also expected to be a hindrance for the growth of this market. According to the experts, blade servers are expected to create challenges for the healthy growth of the market.

Despite the restraining factors, the global microserver market is expected to grow at an exponential CAGR from 2014 to 2020. Researchers expect this market to grow at a CAGR of over 53% from 2014 to reach $16.31 Billion by the end of the year 2019. Emergence of new data centers across the developing regions like Asia Pacific and Latin America are expected to create business opportunities for this market over the next few years to come.

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