Quantum Dots Market Grows Explosively with Rising Demand for Superior Performance

Quantum dot (QD) is a type of nanostructure in semiconductor. It confines valence band holes and conduction of band electrons through electrostatic potential or presence of a semiconductor surface. These particles are traditionally called chalcogenides of various metals. These metals include zinc and cadmium. Manufacturers can change the size and structure of these particles, which is considered to be a vital characteristic of the quantum dot. According to the research reports, the global quantum dots market is expected to grow at an exponential rate over the next few years. This growth is primarily driven by the rising demand from different application segments. Rising demand from the emerging markets is also expected to provide business opportunities to the established market players.

quantum dots market

Segmentation in QD Market

Researchers segment the global quantum dots market on the basis of the types of products, materials, their applications and geographic demand across the world. The basic types of products in the market include displays, medical devices, lighting, sensors, chips, solar cells, energy storage, transistors, and batteries. Materials in the market are categorized into cadmium sulfide, graphene, cadmium telluride, and silicon and cadmium selenide. The basic application segments in the market include defense, healthcare, consumer goods, industrial applications, and optoelectronics and semiconductor applications. Basic geographic regions in the market include Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

Major Market Drivers and Restraints

According to the experts, the global quantum dots market is expected to grow at an exponential CAGR of over 63% from 2014 to 2020. According to them, this growth of the market is mainly driven by rising demand for higher resolution and performance of the devices and gadgets like TV, tablets, smartphones, and cameras. Cost effective materials are also expected to drive the demand for this market over the next few years. Growing demand for ultra low powered VlSI designs is also considered to be a major driving factor for the industry. Technological advancements and miniaturization of the QD technology are also expected to drive the growth in this market. Major restraining factors for the market include slow rate of adoption, competition from low cost companies and expensive products.

According to the researchers, the expected to growth rate in the quantum dots market will help it reach past $4,704.86 Million by the end of the forecasting period in 2020. Growing penetration of this technology in military and defense and growth in demand from industrial sector are expected to be the key drivers for this industry.

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