Scope and Applications of Smart Transportation

As the name suggests, smart transportation system (STS) involves different innovative technologies related to different modes of transport. Numerous users of these transport modes get better, smarter and highly coordinated information. This technology is also known as intelligent transport system. This technology is all about increasing intelligence level of the transport system. Smart transport consists of real-time information, which is driven by data that implements policies and operational strategies. Intelligent transport system helps regularization of public transport and urban planning. The smart transportation market trends also suggest the immense popularity of this technology.

Applications of Smart Transportation Technology

The smart or intelligent transportation system (ITS) market is segmented on the basic of its applications, solutions, services and geographical location. All the segments of this market show great prospects of growth in future to come. Forecasting reports for intelligent transport technology provide great hope for exposure and expansion. The smart transport technology consists of many systems. Earlier trends show that this technology is vastly popular in the developed countries like Unites States of America, United Kingdom and several countries in Europe. However, developing countries like China is showing greater prospects of usage and growth of this technology.

The basic technologies like, speed cameras, traffic signal control systems, automatic number place recognition, car navigation, container management system and variable message signs. Advanced management systems in this technology include weather information, parking guidance, parking information, bridge deicing system, CCTV and many other applications that require integrated data feedback. Applications of smart transport defer on various solutions like parking and ticketing management, passenger information and guidance, traffic management and integrated supervision.

The major applications of this system include automatic road enforcement, emergency vehicle notification, collision avoidance system, variable speed limit, dynamic traffic light sequence and automatic road enforcement. These applications run with help of numerous smart technologies.

Some popular technologies that help Smart Transportation Market systems include wireless communication, floating cellular data, sensing technology, Bluetooth detection, inductive loop detection, video vehicle detection, real-time operating systems and various computational technologies.

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The intelligent transportation market is growing and how! Worldwide analysis of this market shows the increasing growth rate. Researchers also claim that the small transportation markets are likely to show greater demand in the near future. All the traditional, software and advanced transport system markets are likely to grow in the years to come, which create great opportunities for the existing and aspiring business owners across the globe.

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