Rising Health Concerns to Drive Global Sodium Reduction Market in Future

Majority of developing countries consume more sodium that what is recommended by the experts. Around 75% of added sodium intake comes from packaged foods, fried foods, fast foods, and bakery and dairy products. This increased number of sodium consumption is creating numerous health issues amongst people of all age groups. This fact has made governments from across to act upon this aspect. Increased government regulations and rising health concerned with increased sodium intake are driving the global sodium reduction market.



Sodium reduction products reduce or remove sodium content from the food products. This quality makes them an inseparable part of the food additive industry. The rising awareness about health risks with high sodium intake is pushing customers to use foods with sodium reduction products. Global sodium reduction market had to suffer from mixed approach and low appreciation in its budding stage. This was caused due to the strong perception of the customers, who were not ready to compromise on the taste. According to this perception, products with salt reductions as additives lack the original taste, which was not true. Positive efforts by various NGOs and governments help the market recover to its current stage.

The Sodium Reduction Market has a large segmentation, which is mainly based on the ingredients, types, applications and geographical demand pattern. Amino acid, yeast extracts and mineral salts are the major ingredients in this market. These ingredients have varied applications across different industry verticals. the most dominant application of these products are in dairy, frozen foods, meat products, snacks, sauces, seasoning, bakery and confectionary foods. More than 60% of the total market shares for sodium reduction products are held by mineral salt, which are followed by yeast extracts. Other ingredients such as nucleotides, hydrolyzed vegetable protein and trehalose are also used at some locations.

Researchers have estimated positive future for the global sodium reduction market. According to their forecasting reports from 2012 to 2018, the industry is expected to grow at an anticipated CAGR of 11.0%. Early trends of the market suggest that North America will dominate the global market with 10.8% of CAGR. Within North America, USA is the leader in terms of production and consumption of salt reduction products. Europe is cited as the fastest growing geographical region, which is seconded by Asia Pacific. Intensively growing awareness about health and nutrition and adverse effects of salt is the driving factor for this market.

Promotional and awareness programs by government are also creating better business opportunities for the businesses on international scale.


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