Tips for Successful SWOT Analysis in Market Research

Various businesses rely on market research while creating marketing strategies or before starting a new business. SWOT analysis is a valuable step in the process of business research and situational analysis for any industry. It deals with the assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, marketing opportunities and weaknesses of your business venture. A powerful procedure of SWOT analysis helps getting a hang of the critical issues concerning your business and target market. The basic purpose of a SWOT analysis is to identify and analysis all the positive and negative factors that are relevant to a particular market and business venture.

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business. It analyses all the internal and external factors affecting your particular business. Strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors while opportunities and threats are the external factors affecting a business on the long run. One of the most common business research tools, SWOT analysis helps on building the strength, minimizing the weaknesses and threats and seizing exciting marketing opportunities.

Tips for a Successful SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis works best when there is a certain goal to the assessment project. While personal SWOT analysis is possible, many businesses prefer handing over the job to a professional market research company. They have direct access to many internal and external resources, which help the process of industry analysis. Here are some useful tips to succeed in your personal SWOT analysis:

  • While concentrating on all the important details, keep the project simple and uncomplicated. Do not miss minute details like your staff, their age, skills and experience levels.
  • Always try to get several perspectives on your business or product. Always consider your staff, customers, business partners and product suppliers while conducting the SWOT analysis.
  • Market research works on prioritizing and segregating market data and results. Listing the results highlights the most significant factors affecting businesses in positive and negative ways.
  • Applying SWOT analysis to a particular issue benefits your research project. Do the same with all the existing issues and then combine them for a final business research report.
  • Never underrate your competitors. Competition is the basic part of any market. However, be realistic while weighing them. Compare their products to find price, packaging, delivery and response to their products. Shop for their products as a customer.
  • Consider the present market position of your company and look for the prospects of potential growth and expansion that you intend to do with your business in the future.

Business research or market research projects work best, based on objectives, goals and business plans. Always keep that in mind while performing SWOT analysis.

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