Two Market Research Basics You Have to Know

True success of a business venture lies in knowing your customers and their feedback towards your products or services. Market research comes up as the best management tool to get answers to both these questions. Along with customer behavior, marketing research also updates you with other crucial factors affecting your business. Business research reports contain all the essential information about your customers, product, target market and prevailing competition in the market. Industry research is a careful compilation of various factors affecting a product, business or market. All the market data relevant to a market is gathered, organized and carefully analyzed to create in-depth research reports.

Basics of Market Research

When you are starting a new business or expanding your existing business into new markets, be aware of the prevailing condition surrounding your business. Hire a professional Market research firm like MarketsandMarkets that helps you with its accurate, in-depth global market research reports. Various tools, methods and strategies are used for industry research. Marketing research reports provide all the necessary information about three crucial things including your target market, industry, customers, products and competition. There are two basic types of business research, namely, primary and secondary marketing research.

Primary Research

Also called as field research, primary research deals with gathering all the relevant market data at the source. It involves verbal interaction and customer participation. There are various techniques and methods of primary business research, including online surveys, postal surveys, telephonic surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, field trials, personal interviews, questionnaires, etc. Primary industry research emphasizes on customer observation, which is done with help of recording and videotaping. Observation gives numerous interesting clues about actual customer behavior hence they it is a highly used tool by many researchers.

Secondary Research

Unlike primary research, secondary research deals with collecting all the available information from various sources. Internal and external are the two basic sources from where information for secondary market research is gathered. Internal sources include all the pre-existing data, past promotional data, customer database, sales records, stock records, etc. External sources include government records, all the documentation about competitors, international publications, books and other media sources like books, newspapers and internet. All the data collected with secondary business research is carefully analyzed before primary research is performed.

Business research reports prepared using both these basic types of industry research help you collect all the crucial information about your industry, target market, customers and competition.


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