Challenges and Opportunities in Visible Light Communication Market

The global visible light communication market is expected to reach to new heights in terms of growth, opportunities and reach. Visible light communication or VLC is a medium of data communication that uses visible light to send and receive data. This visible light has the frequency of around 800 THz (375 nm) and 400 THz (780 nm). This is the same technology, which is used in fluorescent lamps. VLC is a line-of-sight communication technology. Considering the phenomenal increase in the usage of internet data puts pressure on existing communication channels and RF bands like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max. VLC technology is welcome and particularly a powerful change for secured wireless data transportation. Naturally, there is a great demand for the visible light communication technology.

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Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in VLC Market

Visible light communication is an advanced optical wireless communication technique. In this technology, light in the visible region ranging from 800 THz to 400 THz is used to transmit various kinds of data. This technology achieves high data rates. This is one of the most advanced innovations in the league of using LED as a communication medium. The starting speed of these networks was about 100 kbps. However, advancements and developments in the VLC techniques can now provide the network speed up to 800mbps for communications in short range.

LED and image sensor are the major components of visible light communication. The best applications of this technology include indoor networking, location based service, underwater communication, in-flight communication, entertainment and intelligent traffic system. The global VLC market consists of the visible light communication and Li-Fi technologies and free space optics or FSO. Free space optics work on the same principles as the VLC. However, it uses light in its IR spectrum. FSO was popularly used for outdoor communication applications. However, today it is used for indoor communications like hospitals and enterprises.

Visible light communication Market business is popular as there is a great demand for these services. Network coverage, security and reliability are the biggest challenges that the businesses of VLC technology are. Businesses dealing with VLC services need to resolve these issues in order to attain the desired growth on global platform. This technology and business both are still in their introductory phase. There are constant updates and innovations going on. Business owners of this service need to keep a track of these updates that help them in providing quality services to their clients.

Many advanced applications of visible light communication are likely to hit the market in the near future. This fact creates endless opportunities for business and growth in VLC services. This service is likely to complement the existing wireless technology at all the possible places, increasing the demands.

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