Global Activated Carbon Market Driven by Increased Demand

Activated charcoal or carbon is treated with oxygen, which opens up tiny pores between the carbon atoms. This highly porous carbon is widely used for the adsorption of different substances from liquids and gases. Purification of liquids and gases is one of the biggest applications of activated charcoal. Increasing requirements from different industrial verticals have increased the production and innovations in the global activated carbon market. According to the recent market research reports, activated charcoal industry is poised to witness steady growth in the coming years. Growing application area is the biggest driver for the global industry, which also creates positive waves for the developing regions of the world.

Segmentation in Activated Charcoal Industry

Usually derived from charcoal, activated carbon can be manufactured from different organic materials that have greater carbon content. The most basic products used for the production of activated carbon include wood, bituminous coal, coconut shells and lignite. The variety of applications of activated carbon varies based on the liquid, vapor and gas treatments. Activated carbon market is segmented into applications, products, ingredients and geographical regions. Detailed study of the basic segmentation in the industry provides information about the latest market trends, restraints, opportunities and global demand pattern for these products.

activated carbon market

Based on geographical regions, the market is segmented into four basic regions, which include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. Based on the types of products, the industry is segmented into granular, powdered and other types of activate carbon. On the basis of their applications, activated carbon products are divided into two basic segments, which are divided further. These two segments include liquid phase and gas phase.

  • Gas phase: Automotive and industrial
  • Liquid phase: Water treatment, food and beverages industry, pharmaceuticals and medical industries

Drivers, Trends and Forecasting

As far as applications are concerned, water treatment applications dominated the industry. Large amount of revenue is generated from mercury removal in power plants. Government bodies and regulatory authorities have put great emphasis on mercury removal from plants.  These regulatory actions have created revenue channels in the activated charcoal industry. European and American markets are gaining great revenue, while Asian markets are also joining the shares. Growing business opportunities in Asia Pacific is taken positively in terms of global revenue and compound annual growth rate in the industry. As far as the challenges are concerned, shortage of raw materials is the biggest challenge for the global market.

Based on the current market trends, experts predict steady growth in the activated carbon market. From 2011 to 2016, the industry is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 11.1%. At this rate, it will become worth $3 billion by 2016. Both powdered and granular segments are expected to grow at a healthy rate. Asia Pacific region is one of the most emerging geographical regions of the global market.

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