Active Deployment of Microgrids and Nanogrids by Public and Private Players

A “Micro-Grid”, as the name suggests is a miniature version of the traditional power grids with certain distinguishing features. It could be a complementary source to the utility power grids or an independent source in itself. The key components of a microgrid constitute a mesh of generation, control, distribution, storage, and load, linked together in a network. There can be multiple generation sources- renewable and nonrenewable, multiple storage mechanisms-batteries or inverters, and multiple loads, catering local power supply and demand. Microgrids are thus a culmination of the effort meant to address energy efficiency, security, and reliability.

The increasing adoption of microgrid all across the world presents a plethora of opportunities to both electrical and electronics industry participants such as micro-turbine manufacturers, control system suppliers, generator and storage players, and allied industries such as solar PV, and wind turbine among others. The overall market for microgrids is poised to grow manifold backed by the need for distributed generation and green energy.

Similarly a Nanogrid can be related to single building and scaled to a few houses generally including a power generating source, in-building distribution and energy storage capabilities. A nanogrid is thus much smaller in size than a microgrid and the commercial aspects of this technology are still to be explored. Marketsandmarkets expects nanogrids and microgrids to be deployed in several countries on different scales to test the concept as well as to make progress in reducing the load on the national grids of a country.

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