How to Overcome the Four Barriers of Market Analysis for Small Businesses

Businesses trying to grow their business have to keep looking for innovative ways to discover opportunities in the marketplace. For all such startups, industry analysis comes across as a great method. Although all the businesses are in search of better opportunities, not all businesses know how to do it the right way. Business research is the tried and tested way of having better understanding of your business surroundings. It helps in collecting data from various resources at various levels. This data reveals essentials facts about the marketplace, which includes customers and competitors.

What Derails the Big Market Research Plans of Small Businesses?

When done the right way, marketing analysis does provide exiting results for small and large businesses. While many business startups do not believe in the theory of business research, some even hire market research firms for appropriate research reports. When it comes to researching the marketplace for smaller industries or startups, there are certain unavoidable barriers that you need to overcome.

Studying the market or industry is always filled with various challenges. However, when it comes to startups, these challenges often deter the owners to skip this step as well. Following are the four basic problems that researchers face while studying the scenario for smaller enterprises and startups:

Incomplete Study: When it comes to market research, it has to complete. Various tools, techniques and strategies make this method so much effective. Primary and secondary research methods offer all-round data for a clear picture. Depending on only one of these methods proves harmful, especially for the small businesses. You need to maintain a balance between secondary and primary study for accurate information.

Outdate Data: Another common mistake at the part of startups is using outdated information for analysis. Certain study material used for business analysis is useless after certain time span. Using this outdated material will not help the cause of creating accurate reports.

Financial Constraints: This is the biggest problem that many startups face on a frequent basis. Determining accurate budget for the entire process often hinders the outcome as well. apart from tight budget, other issues like higher taxes to the owners also ties their hands, when it comes to spending money on collecting industry data.

Neglecting Internet: Many startups still underrate the power of internet. It is a great resource of finding great information on a variety of topics. Naturally, it also helps in collecting essential information for smaller businesses on local level. You can try searching on special industry hubs, web portals for startups, online magazines, older research reports, interviews and a whole lot of ambiguous information, which you can sort according to your requirements.

Various companies launch their R&D departments for detailed analysis, which often fail to address certain pitfalls in the entire process. This fact also proves the importance of the right kind of research.


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