Huge Opportunities For Millimeter Wave Technology In Telecommunication

Millimeter wave is a special electromagnetic wave whose frequency lies in between 20 GHz and 300 GHz, falling far beyond the frequency range (<5 GHz) of commonly used wireless technologies. This technology has tremendous opportunities in the telecommunication sector. This is mainly because of the fact that this technology can be a low cost alternative for fiber-optics in terms of speed also.

Today mobile base-station industry in in boom because of the global LTE boost, MM wave technology can be used in small-cell equipment, due to advanced features offered by millimeter waves. The most crucial bands that are key focus areas right now by the industry are those in the light-licensed “E-band”, namely 71-76 GHz band, 81-86 GHz band, and 92-95 GHz band. Choosing any of these 3 bands for their MM Wave products would be most optimal in the current scenario for any industry player focusing on launching MM Wave products for telecommunication, RADAR, and satellite communication applications.

Explosive growth in the number of players, mainly among component & product manufacturers and vast developments are expected to take place over the next five years with migration of established players from RF & microwave ecosystem to this emerging MM Wave ecosystem owing to the huge revenue potential offered & success of MM Wave technology.

For the mobile & telecommunication field, choice of developing millimeter wave mobile backhaul radios, transmission equipment, and enterprise & small-scale networking equipment would be optimal for the next five years, as these products are forecast to have the highest growth & account for the major share.

Coming to the relative markets, in mobile & telecommunication sector, crucial players would be mobile-backhaul equipment manufacturers. Shift to MM Wave technology, either light-licensed band based macro-cell equipment, or unlicensed band based small-cell is a must, as MM Wave technology is expected to emerge as the new choice for mobile-backhaul in the telecommunication sector.

Thus we can say millimeter wave technology has certainly strong future and it will have positive replications over entire value chain which includes equipment manufacturers, component suppliers.

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