Rising Demand to Drive Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market from 2013

In the field of electronic design, semiconductor intellectual property is a reusable unit of intellectual property of one party. This property could range from cells, logic or chip layout. Also known as IP core or IP block, copyright to this property can be used by single party and they can be licensed to another party. After the development of third parties, IP cores are licensed to semiconductor chip manufacturers. These are building blocks within semiconductor chips to create advanced features as per the architectural designs. Increasing demand for this advanced technology is the biggest reason for the growing size of semiconductor intellectual property market.

Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market

Basic Segmentation

Global semiconductor IP market is segmented based on various aspects that make up this industry. These aspects include allied industries, integrated circuit IP markets, and systems on chips IP markets, types of form factors, processors, design architecture, end user applications, geography and competitive landscape in the industry. Following are the details of the same:

  • Allied industries: Electronic design automation and design tools, fabrication, foundry, assembly, fabless, testing and packaging, ODM and IDM
  • Integrated circuits: Application specific IC, general purpose IC, digital IC, programmable IC, data converter IC, analog and mixed signal IC and memory IC
  • Systems on chips: SoC Processor IP, SoC Programmable IP, SoC ASIC IP, SoC Analog & Mixed Signal IP, SoC Digital IP, , SoC Memory IP and SoC Data Converter IP
  • Form factors: System-on-Chip IP Market, IC IP Market, data converter IP, overall processor IP, ASIC IP, analog & mixed Signal IP, programmable IP, digital IP and memory IP
  • Processors: Microprocessor Core IP, DSP Application Specific IP, Digital Signal Processor IP and DSP Programmable IP
  • Design architecture: Customization and processor design
  • End user: Computer, ICT, automotive, consumer electronics, medical and healthcare, industrial, RF and others
  • Geography: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and rest of the world

semiconductor-ip-market-revenue-shares1Key Takeaways

Ever since the time of its invention, demand for the semiconductor IP systems have maintained steady growth rate. This is the strong evidence behind the sustainable environment in the global semiconductor intellectual property market. The most recent market research reports for the semiconductor IP market claim the industry to grow at a steady CAGR of over 14%. This rate is expected to stay steady from 20112 to 2017. At this rate, the industry is expected to get past $5.70 billion in 2017. In 2011, the market was poised at $2.5 billion. According to the experts, this segment of the industry is expected to witness double growth as compared to the growth pattern in the overall global semiconductor market.

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